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BlackBerry phonesIntegration With Existing Email

BlackBerry is a wireless extension of your email mailbox that allows you to send, receive, forward and reply to messages at your convenience. It integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise email account or personal email account or use the new address included with your BlackBerry device.

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Mobile Phone

BlackBerry devices feature a built-in, high quality phone that supports voice services with optional call waiting, call answer, conference calling and call forwarding.

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Wireless Internet

Use the browser included with your BlackBerry device to access the Internet from the palm of your hand. Browse Web sites, get up-to-date stock quotes, read the latest news, check weather reports and more.

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Maximise your productivity by enjoying quick and easy access your PIM (Personal Information Management) information while you’re on the go.

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Instant Messaging

Instant messaging applications on BlackBerry® devices are designed to keep you in touch with your instant messaging community of contacts when connected to the wireless network.

Enjoy many features familiar to you in the desktop version of your instant messaging software, including contact list management, presence awareness, notifications and emoticons.

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SMS / text messaging

SMS (Short Messaging Service) enables you to easily send and receive short text messages using your BlackBerry device without adding email messages to an inbox.

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Corporate Data Access

Through wireless connectivity, businesses can extend their enterprise applications, providing their mobile workforce with access to corporate data.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution™ leverages the same proven, push delivery architecture used for BlackBerry® email to provide mobile users with access to data from applications and systems, such as customer details, pricing data, order information and inventory updates.

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BlackBerry PearlBlackBerry smartphones

Blackberry 8800 - Free Blackberry 8800
Blackberry Pearl (BlackBerry 8100) - Free Blackberry Pearl
Blackberry 8700g - Free Blackberry 8700g

All BlackBerry phones offer an all-in-one mobile phone, email device, web browser and organizer, along with an intuitive menu system, QWERTY keyboard, and easy-to-read display.

All current BlackBerry phones

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